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Newbie posting 3 PoT recs

Hallo fellow anime fanfic readers/writers/reviewers!
I just rememebered all these pretty PoT fics in my favorites in ff.net:

Perception by Iktia Jigoku

Oh, something about me: I'm a big Kaidoh fan :D This is a fic about Kaidoh, in a very depressed and intense manner. There's just this thing about it that grabs you!

Snakey Love by fireylight
Oh, fireylight~ you gotta love her. This was my first story I read by her, and it is so funny and full of Kaidoh! love fangirlish-ness. And it really is all Karupin's fault.

The Wizard of Snoz by Cheeseburger of Doom
You gotta love Cheeseburger-san :D. So full of insane crack and St. Rudolph! and Wizard of Oz and Fuji Syusuke in pink dress! And because she is the master of humor (mwhahaha)

Hope this wasn't too fangirly bad!
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