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Four Recs (YYH, Naruto, GW)

Skeletons in the Closet
by Lazuli lazzchan

I haven't read one of Laz's fics in years, since we haven't been in the same fandoms, but I'm glad she started in Naruto.

This is a SasuNaru fic that takes place almost 100 years later, with Naruto as a ghost haunting the reincarnated Sasuke. It's very well done - the pacing and characterization is splendid, and it's intriguing because the reader keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Three parts are at, the others can be found by going through the sasuxnaru comm.

Series, Six parts, in progress

Children of the Fire Country
by Pierrot twixt Columbine
"He came back gay!"
Anyone who's seen 133 will appreciate this - even if they haven't, it's still a pretty darn good humor fic.
2 Parts, In Progress

Never Turn Your Back on the Sea
by Alleyprowler
Gundam Wing
I love a good Quatre characterization, and this has that, plus an awesome, awesome Wufei who is probably the single hardest character to find good fic for.

After an attempted assassination, Quatre is forced to call on his friends for help. Watch as his relationship with Trowa disintegrates as Heero, Duo and Wufei add their aid. Features some really nice plot twice, some GOOD 2xH, 1xH and as I said, Wufei.

Series, 14 parts, in progress

Demon the Superman
by Fate VII
Yu Yu Hakusho
This is a pretty well written description of Kurama's inner nature. The demon within him is all about survival. Basically, human Shuuichi is on a train - and it crashes.
One Shot, Complete
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:P MK yelled at me 'cause she wanted the rest of the story.

You're so awesome, QS.... I have like.. the biggest grin on my face right now. ^^;;

<--minor note... its the sasuxnaru community. ^^;