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fic recs - 1 Naruto, 1 CCS, 1 Bleach

Touch the Parade
by: ceresi

This seemed like an AU to me at first, but the writing was so good I kept reading and eventually things fell into place for me.

It's got some very interesting Sasuke characterization, and all in all, it's a good tale. The use of the Tarot is particularly inspired, and it's a good look at what a country might be like outside of the Five Villages.

Oneshot, complete

Card Captor Sakura
by Ciircee

This is an older fic, but I find myself going back to it now and again because it's so well done. It features Eriol and Tomoyo corresponding throughout the years and gradually falling in love. It's a part of a larger universe (all of which are recommended!).

The little details, like Eriol's writing paper, make me smile. The characters just really come alive.

Series, complete

Study Guide
by Celeste1

I have never laughed so hard at a Bleach fanfic. Rukia discovers manga... and decides to use it as a study guide. Since she's notorious for her lack of artistic talent, it struck me as very appropriate fro her to learn through these kinds of aids.

Oneshot, complete
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