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Four Recs (YYH, YYH/GW, Whistle!, Naruto)

a million doors
by Visions

This one really hurt, in a way which was melancholy and well done. A Shika/Ino fic that didn't pull any punches, there's a wonderful Shikamaru portrayal that just shows how... quiet... he can be under certain circumstances and how much his duties matter.


In his sleep
by Cheeseburger of Doom

Whistle! Fanfic. I am a sucker for good Whistle! Fanfic, and this is one. Fujisawa is just so cute he needs to be loved. Shibusawa is awkward and gracious as always. Short and sweet.


Moments of Reflection
Gundam Wing/Yu Yu Hakusho
by kahn

This is one of those fics I hate to like - a crossover between two series I'd normally find very incompatible. But the writer does it so plausibly that I simply can't help liking it.

Heero Yuy and Kurama don't seem like a pairing that would work, but the writer has created a world where they exist together - with GW happening a few hundred years after the events of YYH. The writing is engaging, and I'm really looking forward to more. It's supposed to be a 30 parter, but right now only three are out.

Series, in Progress

Meanwhile, Back in the Ningenkai
Yu Yu Hakusho
by nightwalker

Kurama/Kuwabara is one of those pairings that normally squicks me, but this is written so well. The charm of it is undeniably the evolution of Kuwabara's character into an adult. He's still himself, but it's nice to see him come into his own. Great, great Kuwabara characterization - the serious side of him that is too often overlooked.

Keiko is also a strong player in this, and it's got a sense of humor.

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