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3 Naruto, 1 GW, 1 Hikago, 1 comm recs

Everdream by Crash
Series: Naruto

This fic isn't as technically perfect as I would like, but it has a better feel to it than a lot of Naruto fics. It feels canon, and Shikamaru is brilliantly done.

What I like is this is a "mission" fic, and the author obviously has a plan with it. It's just good characterization, an interesting plot, and worth reading. My little quirk are all about some non-standard punctuation. Most people won't notice.

In Progress

The Hyuuga Persuasion by Silverlight
Series: Naruto

This is one of the fics that just sets me rolling. I love seeing a "sane" character have to deal with a world of insanity, and this is definately a good case of that. Tenten tries to put up with Neiji, who is admittedly emotionally challenged. Things get out of control, and she's pretty helpless to stop her life from turning into a (humorous) nightmare.

Really well played, uses characters well to create a great scenario.

In Progress

The Bird by Asuka Kureru
Series: Naruto

I'm not a huge Neiji fan, but it seems some of the best fanfic is done about him. In this, Neiji is given a bird by Naruto (who then splits) and had to take care of it. It's a wonderful exploration of his life, and his view on freedom. Neiji has a lot in common with this bird, and the characterization is spot-on. The writing is fluid and works very well.


Mr Elric by maboroshi hime
Series: Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter Xover

This is done in a style I'm very fond of - the outsider snapshot. We see Ed from a bunch of perspectives, and although the reader has a clue, the characters do not. The chapters are very short, but amusing. Ed as a librarian really appeals to me.

This is probably the best HP/FMA xover I've seen.

Complete, sidestories and sequel in progress

Yardwork by DB Sommer
Series: Gundam Wing

This might be my single-favorite GW humor fanfic. It takes the stereotype of Heero as the perfect soldier, and applies it to life with Relena. It's done very well, and Heero's thinking patterns are hysterically funny.

"Here's a list of chores I want you to do."

He looked at it, momentarily confused.

Relena released a sigh. "I mean it's your mission profile for today."


What Might Have Been by Lady Addiction
Series: Hikaru no Go
Note: A supposed prelude to Brightly Burning

I'm going to be biase and recommend this sidestory to Brightly Burning (my long Hikago fic) because it does stand alone. It's got a great characterization of an athletic Hikaru, and the way he handles Sai is admittedly different than he does in canon.

The writing is solid, the characters are themselves, and it's plausible.


Rec: deathnote100
Yes, I'm reccing a comm. The drabbles this community is producing are wonderful, with many styles. I haven't seen a writer yet who I haven't enjoyed.
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