MM (methodicmadness) wrote in animehonesty,

Quick Intro

I just joined this community and wanted to say hi real quick. I think anime and fanfics recs, subjective as they are, are still a wonderful resource for poor good-fic starved readers like me, especially when we don't have time to wade through archive look for that one diamond-in-the-rough fic.

One question though - I know the fanfic recs are organized by series, but how about the manga/anime recs? Is there a place where I can find a list of anime/manga that has already been reviewed by someone, so that A) I known where to get info on a series I'm interested in and B) I can avoid recommending a series that somebosy's already covered?

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Give me a few days and I'll set something up in the memories section. There weren't many anime/manga recs done though, mostly just fic recs. ^^
Thanks! Much appreciated. ^_^