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2 Pet Shop of Horrors Recs

Edit: the original web-page in which these stories were hosted, Distich, has been discontinued. The new link to the stories have been relpaced (the Rag and Bone Shop)

Title: Dangerous (PG-13)
Author: raison d'etat
Status: Complete
Found At: & The Rag and Bone shop

Hehe, I just got into the PSoH fandom a week ago and I've already located a writer to stalk for fanfics from this series. After reading this I was eager to see what else raison had created. Great characterizations, the story flows smoothly without getting stuck too long on periphiral details... and the ending carries true to the PSoH atmosphere. Gotta love Count D's morbid senese of humor. Give this fic a try and tell me if you don't agree ^^.

Title: Unwilling Sleep (NC-17)
Author: raison d'etat
Status: Complete
Found At: The Rag and Bone Shop

*edit: On navigation. in the sidebar on the left click Fiction >> Read the terms and enter >> Pet Shop of Horrors >> Unwilling Sleep.

This has officially become part of my PSoH fan-canon. I've only read up til chapter 11, but from what I've read so far, this is something to be praised. Aside from the great writing style, I have to admire how raison has managed to include OCs that blend into the PSoH universe created for in this story. Takes place after manga 10 and definintaly carries spoilers for the series.
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