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2 Recs (1 Hikago, 1Legend of Zelda)

Series: Hikaru no Go
Author: ontogenesis
Rating: 16+
Warnings: Entire series spoiler; "Mild cursing and sensuality. It's possible the rating will go up eventually. Also, plot-device amnesia and resurrection..."
Pairing: "No pairings currently"
Status: WIP
Found At: hikarunogo

I'm an Ogata fan and this story is turning out to be a well written fic for the side of me that loves his non-creepy side (granted creepy Ogata is fun too, but I'm starting to think the poor guy is portrayed that way too much).
So, "plot device amnesia and resurrection"... who could that refer to I wonder? I've always wanted to see these two interact more in the series (hell even in the fandom, there just doesn't seem to be many fics with them together out there), and this author is doing a wonderful job so far. Although its not updated as often as I would like (cause I'm selfish like that butomgitssoooogoood) it is a joy to see how she writes Ogata and Sai.
Also, there's "no pairings currently" but I'm hoping. Especially after what hostilecrayon and owari contributed (see A/N notes at the end of chapter 3).

Title:Lingering Fragments
Series: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask
Author: Askani Blue
Rating: T and up
Notes: Male/Male pairing. Game spoilers for LoZ:OoT and a smidgen of Majora's Mask. Epilogue contains a lemon. Not AU.
Pairing: Link/Sheik, not AU.
Status: Complete - 15 chapters + Epilogue
Found At: and

Did I mention this story is not AU? The concept was just hanging there, in front of our faces waiting to be picked, and we (that is Link/Sheik fans) couldn't have asked for a better writer to harvest it. Askani's imagery of the land of Hyrule and its people will be very nostalgic to the familiar player. To me though, the most striking aspect of her story is her characterization of Link as a humble, adventure-weary "Legend". Its a new perspective for me that I hadn't thought of, being wrapped up in the "go-get-em, hurrah!" attitude of all the games, but it's well executed and thought provoking. It makes me see my replays of OoT and M'sM in a different light. And as if canon Link/Sheik wasn't enough to entice you rabid fangirls out there, would you run to this story any faster if I said the Fierce Deity makes his presence known as well?

Edit: Put behind Lj-cut. My bad.
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