Boko - Traveler. (boko) wrote in animehonesty,
Boko - Traveler.

One Demon Diary Rec

Title: My Little Unicorn
Author: PinkLemonade
Rating: Teen, for Shounen Ai and a scene where Eclipse daydreams while casting spells... tsk tsk Eclipse.
Status: Complete? I think its complete...
Found At: Where else?

This is an old, old story that I ran across maybe a year ago. The title threw me for a few seconds, and to this day I have know idea what convinced me to read it but I did, and still enjoy doing so.
The humor is what kept me coming back- it keeps up with the Demon Diary heritage and had me laughing out loud laaate into the night (when I had decided to go back and read this fic, trying to understand why I had it kept on file...).
The only aspect of this fic that I kinda had second thoughts about was Raenef being a little more airheaded that I remember him in the Manga, but thats just me being picky. If you read it expecting an oocRaenef its perfectly fine ^^
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