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fic recs - 1 Naruto, 1 Death Note, 1 Magic Kaitou

Finding Justice
Death Note
by vikki

I am very fond of "before the series" fanfics, and I love this view of Light's childhood. It is a good display on how he turned out the way he did, and an interesting study on his motivations.

Light was always a good boy. He was even well behaved at birth; being born two days before his due date, he was delivered smoothly and quickly with no difficulties. His mother said he barely even cried.

Good Reading.

One Shot, complete

Shades of Gray
Magic Kaitou
by Icka M. Chif

Magic Kaitou fanfic! I love this series because it's an interesting evolution on how Kaitou and Hakuba might eventually break down their barriers and become "friends with benefits." It's not a love story, so much as a friendship story.

The series contains a lot of oneshots, and almost all of them are just plain fun. A few of them touch on more serious matters, but still fit the universe well.

Series, ongoing

by avmin

A fun, light-hearted SasuNaru fic which made me laugh. Don't take it to seriously.

Basically, it's about how Naruto and Sasuke's relationship functions when Naruto becomes Hokage. It's fun because it's told through other character's POV, and has the feeling of a humorous users manual.

When people had gotten to know the Hokage better they usually felt sorry for his boyfriend. As much as they respected the Rokudaime Hokage he was not exactly…easy to handle.

Series, complete, six parts
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