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FY recs

I've been getting back into FY after a long hiatus. Not to say that I'm getting back into the fandom, because the FY fandom nowadays is...well, too young for my age ^^;; But there are some good fics out there that didn't exist when I left 4 years ago. Both the next two are by Chaotic Serenity. As I am the world's biggest Seiryuu fan, of course these both are Seiryuu-centric.

There Are Echoes
I've always thought Yui and Nakago's relationship got a raw deal through the series (OK so the whole Seiryuu side did, but that's not the point XD). Chao's fic takes the question of exactly how much did Nakago and Yui know, or care to know, about each other? The answer to that is logically "not much," but Chao manages to make us think with this fic that perhaps it could have been different. This isn't a romantic fic, which I am very thankful for, because I do honestly believe that Nakago at least would have to be taken very OOC to fall in love with Yui. Chao's story does their relationship justice by exploring some dark corners that might have been, yet making her characters believable.

OK this is kind of an icky fic in concept, but Chao does a really great job with it. What if Soi hadn't died immediately? Nakago/Soi fans should like this one, even though some parts were a little graphic and should be handled with care. I admit I'm a big Nakago/Soi fan, and I really enjoyed this.
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