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One PGSM fic rec

Earth Guardian Prince Endymion
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
By Senshi of Ruin and Mizu no Senshi

It's been a while since I've found any GOOD Sailor Moon Fanfic, but this I love. It's a rewrite of PGSM, swaping the Generals and Senshi. The Senshi serve Beryl; the Generals all have real life identities.

I can't say enough about what I love; the characterization is fascinating, taking down a wonderful paralel universe. I love how Zoicite fits into this, and seeing the Senshi's darker personalities is excellent, too. Just wonderfully done; it's similar, but different enough, to PGSM for fans to like.

This is updated on a weekly schedule and has a good, devoted web site.

Series, ongoing.
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