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Three Prince of Tennis, 1 Death Note

The Prince of Tennis stuff was Previously Posted on risingtides... I need to get better about updating this comm! I have a ton of stuff to rec!

Silver Snowflakes</b>
By yukuro
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

What I'm going to recommend of this is the second story in this particularly, "Ice Barrier." There's four stories, and while all were interesting, this one stuck in my head - I remembered it months later, so it's definitely a stand out.

It tells the story of how the twins split and how Atsushi met the Sei Rudolph team. It's not canon (the timing is wrong), but it's a very interesting read and the writing is engaging.

Shiai Kaishi
by Myth720
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

We've seen this story before. Hell, I've written it before. The dynamics of Tezuka, Oishi, Kikumaru and Fuji in their first year.

It's interesting to me how the conclusions are the same: Fuji joins late and his hiding his potential, Oishi's unwavering support, Tezuka's perception. Eiji here is lively but not stupid (my chief complaint with Eiji characterization) and... well, it was a pleasant spin. Though I'm familiar with first year fics, this one is one of the best.

By Jennifier D.
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Was going through older fics, and while this isn't my fav of Jenn D's works, I think it's one of the most distinctive and any fan should read it if they want to laugh. It's different than her usual more serious pieces (ignoring her crackverses).

Shinji/Ryoma. The idea is just asking for trouble. Throw in misinformed... um, misdirected... teammates, and you get a "classic" of the fandom.

By officialbizness
Fandom: Death Note

Originally for the "genderswap" challenge at deathnote100, all I can say is that it is sheer brilliance. If it doesn't make you laugh, nothing will.
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