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Title: Hindi Diamonds
Author: Tenshi
Rating: "E" for everyone :P
Status: complete
Found at: the garden
Notes: accompaning artwork on main page, rated: PG.

A way coolage ficlet told from Shiva's PoV about being junctioned to Squall. The story has a nice twist at the end *nodnod* and call me a sap but it made me a bit teary (lol, maybe I can relate to the FVIII world thru my imagination a little *too* much). This story is part of a *huge* FFVIII story arc, but it plays a minor part and can be read on its own.

Theres also a very nice illustration that goes along with the story, but you'll have to access it thru the main site as I'm too lazy ta put it up m'self.

If anyone wonders, the other stories found there are great as well and, as I said, inter-related. Therefore I will not be rec-ing anymore fics from this site.
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